Scott Wendholt Resume

Scott Wendholt
400 Aster Street
Nyack, NY 10960

Since moving to New York Scott has worked with among other groups:

Vincent Herring Quintet
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
Fred Hersch Quintet
Don Braden Septet
Maria Schneider Big Band
Mingus Big Band
Bruce Barth Quintet
Bob Mintzer
Roland Vazquez Septet
Louis Bellson Big Band
Toshiko Akiyoshi Big Band
Woody Herman Big Band
Buddy Rich Big Band
John Fedchock New York Big Band
Joe Rocissano Big Band
Carnegie Hall Jazz Band (Jon Faddis)
Manhattan Jazz Orchestra
Gotham Jazz Orchestra (Michael Holober)
Westchester Jazz Orchestra


Scott Wendholt/Adam Kolker Quartet-Andthem (Fresh Sound) featuring Victor Lewis-drums and Ugonna Okegwo-bass

Scott Wendholt Quintet-The Scheme of Things (CrissCross)
with Vincent Herring, Kevin Hays, Billy Drummond,Dwayne Burno

Scott Wendholt Quintet-Through The Shadows (CrissCross)
with Don Braden, Bruce Barth, Ira Coleman, Billy Drummond

Scott Wendholt-From Now On (CrissCross)
with Tim Ries, Steve Armour, Steve Wilson,
BruceBarth, Larry Grenadier, Billy Drummond

Scott Wendholt Quartet-Beyond Thursday(Doubletime)
with David Berkman, Tony Scherr, Andy Watson

Scott Wendholt Quintet- What Goes Unsaid (Doubletime)
with Eric Alexander, AnthonyWonsey, Dennis Irwin, Billy Drummond

Bruce Barth Quintet-In Focus (Enja)
with Steve Wilson, Bob Hurst, Lewis Nash

Kevin Hays Quintet-CrossRoad (Steeplechase)
with Carl Allen, Dwayne Burno, Freddie Bryant

Bruce Barth Quintet-Morning Call (Enja)
with Steve Wilson, Leon Parker, Larry Grenadier

Vincent Herring Quintet-Dawnbird (Music Masters)
with Carl Allen, Kevin Hays, Dwayne Burno

Vincent Herring Quintet-Folklore-Live at the Village Vanguard (MusicMasters)
with Cyrus Chestnut, Ira Coleman, Carl Allen

Vincent Herring Quintet-Don’t Let It Go (Music Masters)
with Cyrus Chestnut, Carl Allen, Jesse Murphy

Don Braden Septet-After Dark (CrissCross)
with Steve Wilson, Carl Allen, Christian McBride, Darryl Grant,
Noah Bless

Klaus Suonsaari Sextet-Inside out (Soul Note)
with Renee Rosnes, Ray Drummond, Steve Nelson, Scott Robinson

Buddy Rich Big Band-Burning For Buddy vol. 1&2 (Atlantic)
with Steve Gadd, Kenny Aronoff, Bill Bruford, Billy
Cobham, Steve Ferrone, Omar Hakim, Manu
Katche, Minu Cinelu, Joe Morello, Simon Phillips,
Rod Morgenstein, Neil Peart, Max Roach, Ed
Shaughnessy, Marvin “Smitty" Smith,
Steve Smith, Matt Sorum, Dave Weckl

Recordings continued:

Darryl Grant-The New Bop (CrissCross)
with Seamus Blake, Brian Blade, Calvin Jones

Tsutomu Kojima-Chatterbox (Windsor)
with Kenny Barron, Rufus Reid, Javon Jackson

Sandi Blair-No More Blues
with Omar Hakim, Lenny White, Allen Farnham, Will Barrow, Willard
Dyson, Dave Jacobs

Tim Ries-Imaginary Time (Moo)
with Joey Barron, Scott Colley, Billy Hart, Charlie, Gordon, Ben Monder

Toshiko Akiyoshi-Yes, I Have No 4 Beat Today(NipponCrown)
with Duduka Dafonseca, Lincoln Goines, Valtinho Anastacio

Junko Sumi (Nippon Crown)
with Bruce Barth, Steve Wilson, Larry Grenadier, Leon Parker

Bobby Mcferrin-Bang Zoom (BlueNote)

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra-Paint It Black (Sweet Basil)
with Lew Soloff, Joe Shepley, Ryan Kisor, Jim Pugh,
Dave Taylor, Chip Jackson, Chris Hunter,George
Young, et al

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra-Black Magic Woman(Sweet Basil)
With same as above

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra-Lickety Split(featuring the music of Jim McNeely)
(New World)

Roberta Piket-Unbroken Line(CrissCross)
with Javon Jackson, Don McCaslin, Jeff Williams

Recordings continued:

Sigurdur Flosason-Sounds From Afar (Jazzis)
with John Riley, Eythor Gunnarson, Lennart Ginman

Bradford Hayes-Our Fathers (Intensity Records)
with Lonnie Plaxico, Cecil Brooks, III, Bobatunde Olatunji, Aaron Graves

Manhattan Super Septet (Sweet Basil)
with Kenny Garrett, Dave Bargeron, Bill Mays,
Chip Jackson, Danny Gottlieb, Sammy Figueroa

Bob Mintzer Big Band-Latin From Manhattan(DMP)

Tim Ries Quintet- Universal Spirits (CrissCross)
with Billy Drummond, Scott Colley, Ben Monder

John Fedchock New York Big Band-On The Edge (Resevoir)

Gary Keller- Blues For An Old New Age (Doubletime)
with Billy Hart, Kenny Werner, Drew Gress, John Fedchock

George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band- Merryteria (TCB)

George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band- Liebermann: Live at the Jazzfest Berlin

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra- Thad Jones Legacy (New World Records)

Dave Pietro- Now Becoming Then (Challenge)
with Brian Blade, Scott Colley, Pete McCann, Pete McGuiness, Mike
Holober, Todd Isler

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra- Can I Persuade You (New World Records)

John Fedchock Sextet- Hit the Bricks (Resevoir)
with Rufus Reid, Chris Potter, Dave Rataczec, Allen Farnham

John Fedchock New York Big Band- No Nonsense (Resevoir)

Recordings continued:

Rick Simerly-Obscurity (Doubletime Jazz)
with Eric Alexander, David Hazeltine, Lynn Seaton, Steve Davis

Bob Mintzer Big Band- Gently (DMP)

David Bixler Quintet- Show Me The Justice
with Ugonna Okegwo, John Hart, Andy Watson

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra-The Way: Music of Slide Hampton (PlanetArts) 2004

Dave Pietro-Embrace (A-records)
with David Berkman, David Finck, Valtinho Anastacio, Paulo
Braga, Duduka Da Fonseca, Nilson Matta, Helio Alves,
Tom Christensen, Peter McGuiness, Pete McCann

Michael Davis-Trumpets 11 (Hip-bonemusic)
with Eddie Henderson, Randy Brecker, Phil Smith, Chris Botti, Ryan
Kisor, Bobby Shew, Malcolm McNab, Tom Harrell, Chuck Findley,
Jim Hynes

Bob Mintzer Big Band Live at MCG (MCG Jazz)

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra- Birdland (Videoarts Music, Japan)

Gotham Jazz Orchestra- Thought Trains (Sons of Sound)

The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra- Up from the skies; Music of Jim McNeely
(Planet Arts) 2006 2 Grammy Nominations

Jonathan Kreisberg Quintet- Unearth (Mel Bay) 2005
with Anthony Pinciotti, Matt Penman, Aaron Goldberg

Jam Session (Steeplechase) 2002
with Greg Gisbert, Dave Ballou, Billy Drummond, Andy Laverne, Jay

Dave Bixler Quintet-Lost in Queens (Amosaya Music) 1998
with John Hart, Doug Weiss, Andy Watson

Bob Mintzer Big Band-Old School, New Lessons (MCG) 2005

Philip Bailey-Soul On Jazz (Telarc)

David Bixler Quintet-Show Me the Justice
with John Hart, Andy Watson, Ugonna Okegwo

David Bixler Quintet-Call it a Good Deal (ZOHO)
with John Hart, Andy Watson, Ugonna Okegwo

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra-Spain (Birds) 2008

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra-Monday Night Live at the Village Vanguard(Planet
Arts) 2008 Winner of Grammy for Best Large Ensemble

Onetteology-Larry Schneider(Steeplechase)
with Jay Anderson, Billy Drummond

Lea Delaria-Play It Cool (Warner Bros.)
with Blad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier, Gil Goldstein, Seamus Blake,
Gregory Huthinson, Larry Goldings

John Fedchock New York Big Band-Up and Running (Resevoir)

Michael Davis-Brass Nation (Hip Bone Music)
with Greg Gisbert, Tim Hagans, John Riley, Jay Anderson

Matt Haviland-Beyond Good and Evil
with Vincent Herring, Benny Green, Ugonna Okegwo, Gene Jackson

Ted Kooshian-Clockwork
with Jeff Lederer, Dick Sarpola, Warren Odze

Jones Factor Jazz Collective (JNSFAC)
with John Fumasoli, Tony Kadleck, Fred Vigdor, Dave Anderson, Chris
Komer, et al

Yasukatsu Oshima with Geoffrey Keezer(Victor)
with Ron Blake, Anat Cohen, Bill Easley, Keith O'Quinn, Jon Wikan,
Doug Yates,Will Vinson, Kenny Rampton, Derrick Hodge, Terreon
Gully, John Heagle

John Fedchock NY Sextet- Live at the Red Sea Jazz Festival 2008
with Walt Weiskopt, Alan Farnham, David Finck, Dave Ratajczak

Alan Ferber Nonet and Strings-Chamber Songs (Sunnyside)
with Jon Gordon, John Ellis, Douglas Yates, Nate Radley, Bryn Roberts,
Matt Clohesy, Mark Ferber

Dave Brandom- No Way Out
with Jay Azzolina, Steve Cardenas, Gary Versace Adam Cruz, Ron
Vincent, Joey Cardello

Jacam Manricks- Trigonometry (positone)
with Gary Versace, Joe Martin, Obed Calvaire, Alan Ferber

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra- Swing Swing Swing (Video Arts)

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra- Hey Duke (Video Arts)

Chris Byars Octet-Music Forever (Steeplechase)
with Mark Lopeman, John Mosca, Sasha Perry, Ari Roland, Zaid Nasser,
Stephan Schatz

Chris Byars Octet- Lucky Strikes Again (Steeplechase)
with Mark Lopeman, John Mosca, Sasha Perry, Ari Roland, Zaid Nasser,
Stephan Schatz

David Bixler Quintet-The Nearest Exit..may be inside your head…(Zoho)
with Ugonna Okegwo, John Hart, Andy Watson

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra-Bach 2000 (Milestone)

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra with Charito- Nica's Dream (CT Music)

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra- Some Skunk Funk (Video Arts)

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra-Forever Lasting -Live in Tokyo (Planet Arts)-
2011 GRAMMY nominee

Bob Mintzer Big Band-For the Moment (MCG)
with Chico Pinheiro, Lawrence Feldman, Mike Tomaro, Bob Malach,
Frank Basile, Steve Hawk, Tony Kadleck, James Moore, Jay Ashby,
Michael Davis, Keith O'Quinn, Max Siegel, Russell Ferrante, Marty
Ashby, Lincoln Goines, Peter Erskine, Alex Acuna

Three Days of Rain Soundtrack-Bob Belden (Sunny Side)
with Joe Lovano, Kevin Hays, Dwayne Burno, Joe Chambers, Jason
Moran, Al Street, Marc Copland, Mark McGuirk, Jochen Ruckert,
Ronnie Jordan
Certainly one of the three greatest movie soundtracks ever recorded (the other two being, in my humble opinion, The Year of Living Dangerously and The Mission), this music stands on its own as a noir-ish suite of great poignancy and beauty. I'm especially taken by the wistful playing of Joe Lovano, who's always had a way with ballads, but here ups the ante to the stratosphere, especially on the main theme, trading lines with Scott Wendholt who also shines brightly.(Jan P. Dennis)

Live at Sono (Whispering Pines Records)
with Phil Bowler, Alan Simon, John Cutrone

Manhattan Jazz Orhestra-Plays Disney

Bob Mintzer Big Band- Gently (DMP)

Dave Pietro-Standard Wonder (A Records)
with Pete McGuiness, Pete McCann, David Berkman, Scott Colley, Brian

Jim McNeely Tentet- Group Therapy (Omnitone)
with Tony Kadleck, Greg Gisbert, Tom Varner, Dick Oatts, Billy
Drewes, Scott Robinson, Cameron Brown, John Hollenbeck, Ed

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra-Hey Duke (Videoarts)

Gary Smulyan and Brass- Blue Suite/composed and arranged by Bob
Belden (Criss Cross)
with Bill Charlap, Christian McBride, Kenny Washington, Earl Gardner,
Greg Gisbert, John Mosca, Jason Jackson, Douglas Purviance,
John Clark, Fred Griffen, Bob Stewart

Sumiko Fukatsu- Catch A Rainbow (BMG)
with Kenny Werner, Johannes Weidenmuiller, Carl Allen, Pedro Martinez,
Steve Davis, Adam Rogers, Marielena Rodriguez

Peter McGuiness-Sliding In (Episode)
with Dave Liebman, Dave Pietro, Mike Holober, Scott Neumann, Daryl

Carnegie Hall Jazz Band- Eastwood After Hours (Warner Brothers)
with Kenny Barron, James Carter, Kyle Eastwood, Roy Hargrove, Barry
Harris, Gary Lemel, Kevin Mahogany, Christian McBride, Charles
McPherson, Jay McShann, Thelonious Monk Jr., James Moody, Flip
Phillips, Joshua Redman, James Rivers, Jimmy Scott, Claude
Williams, Lennie Niehaus

Bob Mintzer Big Band- Swing Out (MCG)
with Bob Milikan, Jim Rotondi, Frank Greene, Peter Yellin, Lawrence Feldman, Bob Malach, Roger Rosenberg, Keith O'Quinn, Michael Davis, Larry Farrell,
Dave Taylor, Phil Markowitz, Jay Anderson, John Riley

Robert Bosscher-Multiple Views with Billy Har, Joris Teepe, Mark Turner

Kenny Lavender Big Band- Conscious Journey parts 1 and 2

Bob Mintzer Big Band- Get Up! (MCG) 2014 With Bob Sheppard, Lawrence Feldman, Bob Malach, Roger Rosenberg. Tony Kadleck, Frank Greene, John Daversa, Keith
O’Quinn, Michael Davis, Andy Hunter, David Taylor, Ray Obiedo, Russell Ferrante, Will Lee, Will Kennedy

Ben Haugland- A Million Dreams (Dazzle) 2015 With Stephen Jones, Jay Anderson, Chris Smith

Salsa Renegades-La Esquina (Cliftone) 1990 With Steve Schmidt, Michael Sharfe, Willy Correa, Tim McCord, Tony Sweet

Alan Ferber Nonet-Roots and Transitions (Sunnyside) 2015 With Jon Gordon, Shane Endsley, John Ellis, Charles Pillow, Nate Radley, Bryn Roberts, Matt Clohesy, Mark

Alan Ferber Big Band-Jigsaw (Sunnyside) 2016 With John Gallagher, Rob Wilkerson, John Ellis, Jason Rigby, Chris Cheek, John Fedchock, Jacob Garchik, Jennifer
Wharton, Tony Kadleck, Alex Norris, Clay Jenkins, Anthony Wilson, Dave Cook, Matt Povolka, Mark Ferber, Rogerio Boccato

Alan Ferber Big Band- March Sublime (Sunnyside) 2012

Richard Sussman-Evolution Suite (zoho) 2016 With Anthony Pinciotti, Rich Perry, Mike Richman, Sirius String Quartet, Zach Brock

Brett Gold New York Jazz Orchestra- Dreaming Big 2016

Michel Legrand-Noel, Noel, Noel

John Fedchock NY Big Band-Like It Is (MAMA) 2014 With Mark Vinci, Charles Pillow, Rich Perry, Walt Weiskopf, Gary Smulyan, Scott Robinson, Tony Kadleck, Craig
Johnson, John Bailey, Barry Ries, Keith O’Quinn, Clark Gayton, George Flynn, Allen Farnham, Dick Sarpola, Dave Ratajczak, Bobby Sanabria

Andrew Gould-First Things First (Outside Music) 2018 With Steven Feifke, Marco Panascia, Jake Goldbas, Ioana Vintu

Michael Davis-Hip Bone Big Band (2016)

Bob Mintzer Big Band-Meeting of the Minds (MCG) 2018

Takayuki Yagi- New Departure (Jazz Tokyo) 2018 with Ralph Bowen, Billy Drummond, Jay Anderson

Mark Murphy-Luck to be me
with/ Lee Musiker, Bobby Porcelli, Jay Leonhart, David Finck, Tim Horner, Meme Aceveda